Local Rankings Local Rankings
Citation building with help on-site local optimization and your site will rank locally. It will fuel your link building efforts and higher rankings in the SERPs. We also assure you good direct traffic from citations.
100% Manual 100% Manual
Our work is 100% by hand or manual to create reference citations as per target demographic and relevant to your area. Our team find and build citations to give you genuine results.
Best Directories Best Directories
We target local directories like yellowpages, local B2B, B2C and Google Maps to create mentions of your business, name, address or reference to provide your product or services visibility as well as brand building.
Fast & Reliable Fast & Reliable

Genuine services at low rate. Our services are fast, reliable & quality based.

25 Plan

Great for small business

  • 25 Submissions
  • Real and generic
  • All are done manually


50 Plan

Best Value for Big Sites

  • 50 Submissions
  • All are real and generic
  • 100% manually


75 Plan

Give Extra Edge to business

  • 75 Submissions
  • Real and generic
  • All done manually


100 Plan

Great for Medium Business

  • 100 Submissions
  • Real and generic
  • All done manually


Citation Building Services

Citations Building are the local citations or mentions of your business/brand on a webpage. local directories, yellow-pages or local maps like Google etc. These mentioned can be your “Business Name, Address, Phone Number” etc.

Creating reference citations are like giving Google or Bing a pointer or reference about where you business is located, its like a clue which these search engines use to rank local results. When user type a local search query, algorithm of these search engines tries to provide accurate results based on many factors and such one important factor which is calculated is mentions of your business, address, phone number in local web directories. As many as mentions you will have, they are strong signal for Google, that your business is actually located at the mentioned address and Google returns the same address or webpage to the users.

Why Choose Us?

Reputation, Reliability & Quality
We are in business since 1998 and from our experience, we try to provide what works best for our clients. We are one of the largest seller of local SEO Services. We know ow to work with local business owners for local rankings and acquire new customers.
Dedicated Teams for Your Projects
We assign dedicated teams for your projects with project lead as project head. We have skilled and expert citations builders which will assure you top quality work as per your requirements. Many UK and US Digital firms outsource bulk projects to us and we work as backend provider for them. So our skills, infrastructure and experience will help your project best possible.
Affordable Prices and Timely Reports
We offer competitive prices in the industry which are affordable. All reports as sent on timely manner with all the details.

Read what others say

  • I have observed that the work done by these guys helped in local rankings as well as my web site came out of Google Penguin penalty, it may be due to the fact that Google may have noted about actual reality of my business with local mentions. I am so thankful for the work they have done for me.
  • I run my own chain of hotels in few cities, these guys have helped to rank my website appear in top 10 results when someone search for hotels in those cities, it all got possible by the hard work done by team of CitationBuildingService.Com
  • Richard, SEO Consultant
  • Mary, Local Hotel Owner